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Tooth enamel is inherently hard, and this fact can sometimes lull some people into thinking that their teeth are invulnerable. This notion can cause some individuals to fall into bad oral habits like nibbling on foreign objects or using their teeth to open packaging.

As time goes on people who abuse the intended function of their teeth are increasingly likely to suffer a chipped or fractured tooth. In some of these situations the damage can run deep enough to affect the sensitive core of the tooth.

In a moment like this you might need to practice some basic oral first aid measure while you seek professional treatment from dentists like Drs. Chlebicki and Charles.

Any unwanted material in your mouth can be gently rinsed away with lukewarm saltwater. You should never use antiseptic mouthwash as this could shock or irritate the damaged tooth.

Gently rubbing a topical oral analgesic on the local gum tissues might help numb minor discomfort and sensitivity. You might also take a standard dosage of an over the counter pain medication.

After conducting a thorough examination Dr. Craig Chlebicki will recommend the most effective treatment strategy. In a case where the sensitive internal structure of the tooth has been damaged he might need to perform a root canal in advance of a dental crown restoration.

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