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A dental crown is standard option for restorative dental work that is designed to replace your tooth enamel layer and cover a damaged tooth. Our dentist can offer several different applications when restoring a tooth with a custom-made dental crown.

Dental crowns are most commonly used to restore teeth that have developed large cavities or other forms of tooth decay, but a dental crown can also enhance a tooth that has been chipped, fractured, or affected by a shallow crack. If Dr. Craig Chlebicki doesn’t replace the enamel layer, the damaged can eventually develop tooth decay. We can also offer a porcelain dental crown to beautify a cosmetically flawed tooth.

The dental crown material that our dentist recommends for your custom-designed crown depends on the primary function and prevalence of the targeted tooth in your smile.

A dental crown created with gold alloys and base metals can be very durable and ideal for restoring molars, but if the tooth is visible in your smile, it may need a porcelain material so that it can be matched to the surrounding tooth enamel.

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