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Many adults don’t understand the importance baby teeth have on their children’s oral health. In fact, many people dismiss them because baby teeth are known to fall out. However, while baby teeth are known to fall out, they are still essential to your child’s oral health and can have a lasting effect on their entire adult life.

To put it frankly, baby teeth are indispensable to your child’s oral health and development. Teeth work and help children learn to talk and chew properly. Baby teeth specifically hold the jaw in place for the permanent teeth to grow in under the gums. This is significant because your baby teeth are the foundation of your permanent teeth that last their entire adult life with proper care.

Did you know, if the baby teeth are lost too early, or suffer serious health problems, then the permanent teeth may not align in the proper place correctly and suffer serious health problems? Well, it’s true! Cavities lead to gum disease, and your child’s permanent teeth are inside the gums, which is why it is essential to take care of your child’s teeth. After your child’s first tooth appears, then it’s time to bring your child in for a dental checkup. Your dentist will be able to show you how to care for the baby teeth properly and can also help your child feel comfortable at an early age with the dentist.

When it comes to taking care of your child’s oral health, Drs. Chlebicki and Charles and our team understand you may have questions, which is why we are always happy to answer any you may have for us. If you would like to bring your child in, please call Brentcourt Dental Group at our office in Brentwood, California today at 925-634-3503 to set up an appointment.